Farming, fisheries, food

While LCC is focused on the common-place issues facing communities of coast and country — Where will my kids do A-levels? How will my parents get social care? What can we afford to rent in the village? — We also recognise the centrality of farming, fisheries and food for some coast and country communities. Hence here we are hosting the work of The West Country Labour and Cooperative Farming, Fisheries and Food group (3F); a resource for those interested in those issues, challenges and Labour solutions.

Who are the 3Fs: The 3F group formed in May 21 to bring a regional focus to farming, fisheries and food policy and to provide well informed guidance to candidates. Our core group has portfolio leads for: Farming (David Drew); Food (Andy Johnson); Wildlife and Veterinary Diseases (Alex Barlow) and Land (Clare Horrell); Joe Joseph is the Convenor.

What 3Fs do: Our wider community of 3F members works on a variety of topic specific ‘work-packages’. Bringing together subject matter experts, with practitioners, to develop one page ‘grab and go’ point briefs.  Each brief gives some background information, has a section on ‘what you need to know’, outlines policy implications and signposts resources, references and points of contact.

Our briefs offer informed opinion, to support policy development and provide candidates with credible guidance on significant or contentious themes associated with farming, fisheries and food.

Our 3F briefs (see brief for points of contact):

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