Our key findings from the Virtual Coast & Country Conference | Labour: Coast & Country

Labour:Coast&Country’s National Policy Forum submissions on:

Role Description for Rural Affairs Officers in Constituency and Branch Labour Parties | South West Rural Labour Group


It’s Time for Real Change | Labour’s 2019 General Election Manifesto


A Manifesto for 2019: Town’s of England, your time has come | Labour: Coast & Country

Fabian Society Labour Country Report

Labour’s Coastal Communities Consultation


For the Many, Not the Few | Labour’s 2017 General Election Manifesto

Our key observations from ‘Labour’s Rural Problem – Winning again in Coast and Country’ | Labour:Coast&Country


Sustainable Villages: Rural Housing for the Future | Labour:Coast&Country, CPRE & Hastoe.

Off The Beaten Track: Labour’s Coast and Country Transport Offer | Labour:Coast&Country, ASLEF, TSSA.

Labour’s Rural Problem – Winning again in Coast and Country | 2015 General Election Analysis

David Drew MP | PhD – New Labour in power in the English countryside 1997 – 2010


A Better Plan, A Better Future | Labour’s 2015 General Election Manifesto

A Better Plan for Rural Britain | Labour’s 2015 Rural Manifesto

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