Our Asks: A Coast, Country & City Constitution

As every day passes, it is essential that Labour is ready to form the next government, and is organised to win the next general election, be that May 2024 or before.

At Labour:COAST&COUNTRY we believe that both of these ambitions will be well served if the Party strengthens its ability to hear from those communities and places it wants to represent, which is why we ask you and your members to consider the following as a basis for your CLP to submit a constitutional motion to Labour Conference.

Your Constituency Labour Party NOTES THAT –

  1. In 2017 over 9 million people, 17% of England’s population live in Rural areas, with ~ 581,000 in a sparse setting; while fewer than 9 million were resident in the Greater London area
  2. Net internal migration to chiefly Rural areas doubled between 2011/2017, even before covid
  3. Rural areas have a larger percentage of populations within all age bands above 50 than urban areas

Coast & Country CLPs would like to see organisational change within the Party that properly reflects the Labour Party’s ambition to unite and govern the whole of the UK, as follows:

MOTION TO CONFERENCE – Coast and County Representation
Within Constituency Labour Parties 
the appointment of coast, country or rural coordinators to reflect the nature of the constituency and be the organising hub for those issues distinct to each constituency: Chapter 7 Rules for CLPs, Clause VIII, OFFICERS, Para 4

• ADD – coast, country or rural issues To give – In addition this CLP may elect coordinators to lead on specific areas of responsibility including community involvement, coast, country or rural issues, membership recruitment and retention, fundraising, information technology etc.

In addition to amend Chapter 12, Local Government Committees, Clause IV, Membership 2:

• TO ADD – D – Delegates chosen by Town, Parish or Community Councillors in the CLPs falling within or partially within the council area. At least 50% of the Town, Parish, Community Councillor delegates must be women.

Within Regions – the establishment of a distinct post on Regional Boards to reflect that almost all regions of England and much of Scotland and Wales are country and/or coastal:

Amend Chapter 9 (B), Clause V, K,
• TO ADD – b) Outside of London there shall be a place for a Town, Parish or Community Councillor, elected from Labour members who hold such office within the region

And Nationally as a UK wide Party – The establishment of a dedicated postition on the NEC for a coast &/country representative, to be voted for exclusively by members of coast & country constituencies.

  • Either amend Chapter 4, Clause III to say C Division III (CLPs) shall consist of at least two members representing primarily non-urban/rural/coastal areas of the UK
  • Or amend Division IV (local government) to say it shall consist of three members, one of whom should be a town, parish or community councillor

Strengthening Labour’s ability to hear from these communities will improve the offer to them, and in due course we will ask you to join us in 2022 to campaign for a Labour Coast & Country Manifesto – helping show these communities that we do ‘get it’ and are the best government they could vote for.

If you would like more information and are thinking of taking this further please drop us a line at info@labourcoastadncountry.org