Labour Community, Parish or Town

Labour: COAST&COUNTRY is bringing together nearest tier councillors and candidates from local community, parish or town councils in our CPTNetwork: an online meeting and conversation space to help, support, discuss, and share best practices, ideas, and frustrations of working in the tier of local government closest to the people!.   

Whether you are a member of Labour and/or Cooperative Party, or a progressive independent, we want you to share your experiences with other, like-minded people in the same situation. We’re not all Handforth Parish Council, after all!  With the kind support of the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust we will be spending this year convening the CPTNetwork and helping the network find its feet. 

If you are already a town or parish councillor, a group, or about to stand we would like to invite you to join the Community, Parish and Town Network.

If you’d like more information or have something that might be of interest to the network, please email