We urge you to vote REMAIN on June 23rd

Given the momentous vote of the 23rd June, and its implications for communities of coast and country, we urge every citizen to vote REMAIN.

Labour: COAST & COUNTRY believes in the principles of cooperation and mutual support.

The public sector has a vital role to play investing in a safer, more productive, more sustainable future, and that role is equally valid in coastal and rural parts of our country.  We believe that where decisions can be taken at a local level, they should be, and that includes at Parish level.  We also recognize that there are decisions that need to be taken at a national level, and that there are decisions that can only be taken at a continental level.

We seek Democratic Socialist solutions to local, national and international problems, and will strive at all three levels to raise the profile of the needs of disadvantaged people and communities living outside of the large metropolitan areas.

The EU has brought significant additional wealth to UK agriculture, it has helped stimulate tourism, and it has provided growing markets for our rural and coastal industries.

At the same time, there are problems that we believe can only be adequately solved at a European level.  These include: the protection of our environment; the health and safety of working people, especially in traditionally dangerous jobs such as agriculture, forestry, construction and transport; the exploitation of vulnerable workers – especially migrant workers – by unscrupulous employers; the undercutting of local rates of pay leading to lack of viable jobs for local residents; and the effects of “austerity” in cutting public-sector employment and leaving many communities with high levels of youth unemployment.  All of these issues affect communities across the EU.

People across EU countries are demanding fresh approaches. As a member of the EU we can be in the vanguard of a popular and effective movement to put social and environmental wellbeing back in the driving seat of European policy.

We can only use democratic levers to influence Europe if we are part of a European democratic process.   That is why we urge all progressive and radical citizens – to vote REMAIN on June 23rd.

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