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You want to get involved? Fab! Labour:Coast&Country are a volunteer-led group and we are keen to have support.  We hold regular national virtual supporter calls and host an online annual conference every autumn.  Our steering group organises policy workshops, get-to-know-you sessions for the CPTNetwork, and focused regional events as well.  Please join us and get involved.

You can become a supporter here (once you become a supporter, you’ll also be added to our mailing list):

Unless you’re a community, parish or town councillor! In which case, please join our network of fellow councillors here:

Or, if you just want to stay informed about LCC’s latest news and updates, then you can sign up for our mailing list here:

Your Constituency Labour Party can also contribute to us!  Here’s the form for your Treasurer to complete:

Help out!

Can you speak on a topic of interest to Coast or Country?  Want to help put together a conference panel, or want us to help you?  Also get in touch with our Chair Hywel here.