Labour’s offer to communities of the Coast

The LCC team

As we approach our annual Virtual Coast & Country Conference this Saturday we recognise the real opportunity of it being the last before a General election, and before Labour’s manifesto will be written.  Communities of the Coast have always been electorally important to Labour, and this election will be no different; as we go further into the 21st century what might a good Labour offer look like, will be the subject of one of our panel discussions on Saturday (you can register here).  That panel, chaired by Lord (Steve) Bassam, featuring Anneliese Dodds MP, Daniel Zeichner MP, and Councillor Becky Cooper, labour Leader of Worthing Council will hear the LCC view on Labour’s offer, as presented by our Steering Group member Dr. Pam Buchan.

Over the past year we have been working with the LCC network, members of the growing CPTNetwork of Labour and Cooperative Community, Town or Parish Councillors, as well as engaging Labour MPs and Peers in Parliamentary dinners to capture what coastal communities are saying, their issues and concerns, as well as emerging and deployed Labour solutions.  They have identified a wide variety of potential offers Labour could make, suggestions that feed into Pam’s presentation.  While the detail of that is for Saturday here’s a flavour of some of the ideas suggested, to whet your appetite for that discussion…

Mayors for the Coast
Let’s stop polluting the sea!
Stronger seaside town councils
A SeaWall Taskforce of Labour PPCs
Provide support to help some coastal towns to reinvent themselves
Digital connectivity for coastal towns first
First homes not second homes
Town deals for each and every seaside town
Revive the New Deal for Communities as a Coastal New Deal
Give us buses, not HS rail
Let every town build 100 new social homes a year for a Parliament
If the Rhur can reinvent itself as a green hub so can white
Give coastal towns a fair share of ownership of the wealth of the sea
Help communities balance the interests of the all residents

All set in the context of the need for a new national story for the Seaside we all love.

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