Campaign Days … winning town, Parish, District en route to Government

Hastings & Rye Labour Parliamentary candidate Helena Dollimore and the CLP would like to invite you to our campaign day on the 2nd of April.

Hastings and Rye is a constituency with both coastal towns and rural villages, so it is a perfect stomping ground for anyone associated with LCC!  It is also key to achieving a Labour majority at the next general election. It is key Labour is visible in our rural areas and shows it is on the side of our rural and coastal communities.

It joins an array of seats where LCC’s endorse candidates are in place and campaigning now, often with May local gains in mind, to build to the greater challenge of winning their seat, and helping form the next government.  You can find out more about all of them, and most importantly hope to help them here.

Helena was selected back in July 2022 and has been building her campaign, while looking to support our coastal and rural country regions such as Rother. These regions could be crucial to helping Labour to take the seat from the Tories. The town of Rye, situated in Rother is a beautiful rural small town in the South East of England. A short train journey from Hastings, it is filled with independent businesses and a vibrant local community. However, Rye has been suffering the brunt of cuts and has often been ignored. It is currently facing a battle to save its local pool which has been used by locals and surrounding villages to teach children for over a decade.  

With elections coming up this May for the Rother region of Hastings & Rye, we are on our way to selecting a full slate of candidates. Traditionally Tory wards, it is important for us to see how things have changed under this disastrous Tory government. 

That is why we want to invite all those in the LCC network to join us for our campaign days. We will be supported by the Coop Party on the 2nd of April and hope you can join us then too.  For details of the day, please see the graphic, if different dates are more convenient you can contact the team at

Owen Roll | Labour Party, Trainee Organiser for Hastings and Rye

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