Politics Returns — LCC at LPC22

While we wait, with some trepidation, for this week’s imminent announcements from a government without mandate, conference in Liverpool gives all the Labour family an opportunity to show it is the bedrock of a government in waiting, ready to meet the nation’s needs in this dark hour.

For our part we will continue to promote the issues of communities of coast and county.  To that end we have speaker and panellist at a number of fringes, if you are attending we hope to see you at one of them:

  • Sunday 15:30, Hywel Lloyd at Sustaining Rural Communities in the Carbon Trading Age – The CA
  • Sunday 19:00 at the NFU reception, on their stand in the exhibition hall
  • Monday, 18:30, Liz Pole at Labour’s Vision for the future of farming and food security – The NFU
  • Monday, 19:00, Jayne Kirkham at Homes for Whom?  How do we meet housing needs for all in the next decade? Labour Housing Group
  • Tuesday, 09:30, Hywel Lloyd at Rebuilding rural Britain: how can Labour deliver a more sustainable and prosperous future? The Fabians & WWF.

The issue of fair policy between coast, country and city remains a key agenda.  We are looking at how best to give you a new opportunity to hear from the great panellists you would have seen on the 10th Sept. That could be to reconvene everyone for a new date for the Virtual Coast&Country Conference, possibly run a series of sessions panel by panel or some other approach – we will update after Conference

The LCC team 

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