Coming soon, a network for Labour members who are town or parish councillors….

Labour:COAST&COUNTRY is only too aware that many hundreds of Labour members are Labour, Cooperative or Independent councillors in their local parish or town; and key labour activists for their locality and CLP.   

We recognise the importance of bringing together these councillors from across the country for mutual support, sharing tips and strategies and developing greater Labour representation on their council and those around them.   Over time we will develop this page to share appropriate resources and links, while convening councillors on topics of shared interest. 

If you are such a town or parish councillor, group of said councillors, or about to stand we would like to invite you to join one of our forthcoming network discussion meetings –  

Tuesday 5th April – Tuesday 7th June – dates in September to follow

We can also set up bespoke sessions if your group would appreciate that.  In either case please email with your details

Further resources will follow as we develop a good sense of what’s needed, for now here is a link to NALC – The National Association of Local Councils – their useful resources, as well as timely subject events – you can find out more here [] – your council may be a member through the relevant county association.

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